The difference between garage roller doors and sectional doors lies in the way the panels roll up. A roller door is made of a steel curtain that slides up, rolling into a bundle at the top of the door (similar to a toilet roll), while a sectional door slides up flat against the roof. Because of the way that roller doors are designed and function, this option is only suitable if you have enough headspace above your garage door.

Rollers doors are generally used for sheds, garage doors, carports, store-fronts and warehouses due to their high resistance to impact and weather control feature.

Garage Doors 2U provide a variety of high-quality manual and automated roller door options in standard sizes that suit most door openings in Perth.  Our friendly technicians will happily assess, advise, measure and custom-make the door to fit your specifications.


Our roller doors have a unique roll-formed profile engineer-designed for superior strength, whilst at the same time maintaining a modern appearance that is sure to enhance the exterior of your home.

The roller doors are manufactured using high-quality materials, making them some of the strongest, quietest and most reliable doors available.

Easy to use and long lasting, our roller doors can be made to suit almost any size garage opening. Combine this with a range of Colorbond® colours and smooth operation, and our roller doors are sure to become a true design feature of your home.

Manufactured with heavy duty bottom rails containing durable PVC weather seals, our roller doors provide your valuable garage contents with excellent protection from the harsh outside elements, including wind, rain and dust.

Our roller doors are available in all the Colorbond® colours. Download the Colorbond Colour Chart here

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